Motorbase - Type MB 38

Motorbase - Type MB 38

The new ROSTA motor base type MB 38 for motor frame sizes from 132 S to 160 L (3 to 15 kW) is now available on the drive component market - compact, operatorfriendly, ready for immediate installation and cost-effective. Its new features are, above all, the price, the ready-to-install design and the simplest-possible installation procedure with the new pre-tensioning device.

With the new horizontal aligned finethread adjusting spindle, both the pre-tension and the necessary inclination of the motor plate can be simply adjusted. The ready-to-use construction, the belt track adaptation and the fast clamping system make the MB 38 absolutely revolutionary and extremely user-friendly in comparsion with alternative and predecessor models! The frequently occurring "outside applications" in screen drives, crushers and air conditioning systems have been taken into account through the galvanisation of the components.

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