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  • ROSTA Performance Show 2014


  • 70 years of ROSTA AG (1944 - 2014) - Milestones on the road to success!
  • Targets for 2014
  • ROSTA Oscillating Mounting Type AB-HD 100


  • Tulips from Amsterdam
  • Can "Niagara" or eccentric vibrating screen be mounted on ABs?
  • Two-way conveying in a vibratory screening machine
  • New Bar Classifier from Mueller & Co. Aufbereitungstechnik AG
  • Guidetti S.r.l. - Recycling Systems
  • ROSTA AG exhibits at the Hanover Fair for the twentieth time!


  • Exceptionally compact food processing with ROSTA oscillating elements!
  • SQR gyratory sifter from / An American sifter manufacturer also specifies ROSTA AVs
  • ROSTA has exhibited at the ACHEMA 2012 show in DE-Frankfurt
  • 100 days in the new management position
  • A HS (hanger mount for screens) by ROSTA is not just an ordinary overhead suspension!
  • Children's playgrounds were the model - Exercise-Parks for adults are increasingly popular and are the future - for ROSTA too!
  • Tensioning of the belts is a child's play with the new ROSTA Motorbase Type MB70
  • New Generation of Oscillating Shaker Conveyors for Harbin Boshi Automation, China!


  • ROSTA Performance Show 2011
  • Mobile crushing plants, Apulia (IT)
  • Elliptical motion screen on AB-HD 50-2 elements
  • High-performance laundry centrifuge on AB-HD


  • Subjects speaking for the installation of an automatic ROSTA Motorbase
  • Presentation of our sister company Compounds AG
  • Chinese Tea
  • Handle with care
  • The taming of an official troublemaker


  • Motorbase MB 70 x 550 on a centrifugal slurry pump
  • Circular motion screen on AB-HD 50-2 elements
  • Small outlay - large effect - ESL damper
  • More and more bulk throughput from existing inst.
  • ROSTA calendar "People in their element 2010"
  • Matchstick vibrating conveyor from LION Match Corp
  • Passive suspension at the Politecnico di Milano
  • Crane winch with ROSTA guide roller


  • Insulating of the guide rails ....
  • Motorbases in buses
  • N and NOX machine mounts
  • A screen is not always the same as a screen
  • Kreis- und Linearschwingsiebe
  • Circular and linear vibratory screens
  • ROSTA Motorbase Type MB 100 on Vacuum Pumps
  • Application of ROSTA MB in Large Heat Exchangers
  • This element can be worth its weight in gold


  • ROSTA Performance Show 2007
  • Integration of an important manufacturing
  • capability at the Blue Ones from ROSTA
  • ROSTA Motorbase MB 100
  • Efficient suspension of screening machines
  • Brunello di Montalcino


  • Experience an genuine feeling of riding on a horse
  • Cabin suspension on truck mounted crane GROVE
  • Motor coach Aaglander
  • No progress without development
  • Gravimetric separating process for bulk mixed prod
  • Exhibition Ipack-Ima, Milano, Italy
  • Digger D-2 armoured mine-cleaning vehicle
  • Elastic Motor Suspension for Friction Belt Drives
  • Exhibition participation ROSTA + Website ROSTA AG


  • Off Road with the rehabilitation wheelchair
  • DW-Elements/portable screening industry with AB50
  • Elastic garland suspension

  • Take off with ROSTA Chain Tensioners
  • 7 Tensioning Devices from ROSTA
  • Mobile Gravel Processing Plant on ROSTA Typ AB

  • The first coil conveyor units supported by AB-D
  • Serial connections of ROSTA rubber suspension unit
  • For longer service lives for transport belts


  • Rubber suspension units from ROSTA - over 60 years !
  • Oscillating Conveyor Technology - a child's play!
  • The new ROSTA Motorbase Type MB 38

  • Leadership through Innovation
  • Happy Landings in Elastic Docks with ROSTA
  • ROSTA Type KSE belt tensioner


  • From 'Stepchild' to Bestseller with ROSTA ABI
  • ROSTA elements in an agricultural machines
  • ROSTA Belt Tensioner
  • With ROSTA suspension over Friesian beaches
  • Motorbases for the support of cooling compressors
  • Almost an 'Off Shore' application
  • 30 years of ROSTA at the Hanover Trade Fair
  • ROSTA suspensions worldwide for oil pipelines/SEI
  • A 'Thunder Board' for the Hanover Trade Fair
  • Successful conversion of processing screens to ABD
  • BROSTA screen mounting Type AB-D is a bestseller
  • Exhibition participation of ROSTA in spring 2003


  • ROSTA DW-A 45 / 50 with cast housings
  • The salmon - returned to the Upper Rhine!
  • Exhibition participation in fall 2002/spring 2003
  • ROSTA-Tensioning Devices Type KSE
  • Application presentation Radiator suspension
  • Rocker arm and spring accumulator in one component
  • ROSTA-Oscillating Mountings Type AB 50 / 50-2 Twin
  • Portrait frigemo Produktion Mellingen AG
  • Experience tensioning force and tensioning path

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