In 2014 ROSTA USA was established to provide direct service to our Customers in the U.S. and Mexico.
Although ROSTA is a well known name, having been marketed by an exclusive distributor for several decades, the time was right to provide direct service to our markets.

Since our start-up, we have doubled our sales and established our credibility as a Best in Class, customer service  and engineering organization. 

ROSTA Switzerland

All began in the mid-forties 1944, when Mr. Rohr in the village of Staufen (RoSta) was commissioned to develop a simple and economic solution to support axles of truck trailers.

The three main functions, to support, to dampen and to suspend lead to the ROSTA rubber spring element.
Today, ROSTA AG exports over 90% of its products. With six subsidiaries and over 35 distribution partners worldwide, there is certainly one in your region. With a clear grow strategy, ROSTA is expanding on all levels.


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